Hey Employers.

There are millions of stars out there.

And now you can finally see all of them.

How's that 538-year old resume working out for you?

83% of you can’t find the candidates you need. Yet over 2 billion people in the world are overlooked or underutilized. What’s the disconnect? The resume.


Science says the resume, created in 1482, is useless in predicting workplace performance. It’s just a chronological list of experiences influenced more by luck than actual ability. What you need is a data-fueled, holistic view of a candidate. 

Eyes on the stars, feet on the ground.

Yuduyu’s Next-Gen Resume and Recruitment Ecosystem empowers job seekers to illuminate their untapped potential, revolutionizing how the world learns and works. Yuduyu instantly deciphers a candidate’s complex matrix of talents and traits, resulting in a faster, fairer, and cheaper hiring process.

Don't check the boxes, bust out of them.

“Algorithm” is essentially a fancy word for a cookie-cutter solution (great for finance, not so much for humans). Diversity in all its forms is at top of your wish list, but you want more than a bandage. We’re proud to be creating a truly thoughtful solution built around your pressing needs, not around trendy buzzwords.

You’ll never write a job ad again.

Welcome to the Recruitment Revolution.


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