The Manifesto.

Yuduyu isn’t just another job platform. 

We’re mission-driven, intent on empowering people to identify and showcase their hidden potential, revolutionizing how the world learns and works.


The Future of Work isn’t working out for you because you’re still analog.

Science says the 538-year old resume is useless in determining an individual's potential. The complex matrix of a human's abilities, personality, and motivators are impossible to decipher with the .tools we use today. The Future of Work requires a digital - but thoughtful - solution. 

Job ads, applications, cover letters, traditional resumes - gone. 

Our rigorous science, innovative engineering, and cutting-edge design will eliminate all the ineffective tools used in recruitment today. Both hiring speed and candidate/employer fit will improve exponentially.


We're passionate about science, but know that great design is equally powerful.

We think big, yet believe that trust is the best sales tool.

We're mavericks, determined to change the world, one career at a time.

Welcome to the Recruitment Revolution.

© 2020 by Yuduyu

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